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– Every Nation Church, New York | Monday, December 18, 2017

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1Nation1Day Nicaragua | Recap

1Nation1Day Nicaragua | Recap
Kenny Sanborn

John the Baptist, upon hearing about Jesus’ healings, teachings, and other miraculous works, sent some of his disciples to Jesus with a simple question: “Are you the guy we’ve been waiting for?” At least that’s how I imagine he asked it. But Jesus didn’t really answer his question. Instead, He tells John’s disciples to simply report what they saw and heard. In other words, “everything you’ve heard about, we’ve seen it!”

Even John, Jesus’s greatest advocate, questioned the validity of what he had been hearing. Reading this passage a few weeks ago, I might have thought this odd. Having just come back from Nicaragua, I can relate. I have a hard time believing what happened there, and I was there to see it!

3,000 missionaries from 33 nations traveled to the nation of Nicaragua for a week because of a presidential invite. And, yes, you read that sentence correctly, but you can read it again to let it sink in. 3,000 people from 33 countries gathered as one to serve a nation.

Nearly every high school in the nation had the Gospel presented. Medical clinics were set up in every state. Teams that set up water purification systems for entire communities were dispersed, not to mention the political, business, and pastoral trainings that took place during that week. Salvations and miracles seemed commonplace.

Again, this is not made up, wishful daydreaming. Over 30 people from our Every Nation family were there. A dozen of whom were from our Every Nation NYC family. As the writer of 1 John put it, “that which we have seen and heard we proclaim also to you.”

In León alone, the city where our group from New York had the joy of serving with Cornerstone Church of the Highlands, nearly 10,000 people heard the Gospel throughout the week, and over 3,500 of those who heard made a commitment to follow Jesus! And these numbers don’t even take into account the 75,000 who came out to the 1Nation1Day event that Saturday night.

If all of this wasn’t hard enough for us to believe already, I think of an elderly woman we met at the medical clinic. It had been eight months since she took a fall that shattered her hip and was last able to walk. She came in and saw the doctors, but there was only so much they could do. Then, two of us prayed for her and she stood for the first time in eight months. I remember her daughter crying beside us as her mom stood there and told us how she now had hope. She thought that she would be bed ridden the rest of her life, but now had hope to dream again. Our God restores hope in the face of hopeless situations.

After seeing what God can do on a trip like this, I am radically humbled. We serve a God of the impossible, yet I am content with small prayers. We serve a God who brings nations together as one body, but I am content at merely tolerating my spiritual family instead of fighting for unity and understanding. Why would we see the impossible if we do not ask for it and why would we see unity in the world if we do not strive for unity with the family in front of us?

We don’t need 3,000 to have unity. “A strand of 3 cords is not easily broken.” (Ecclesiastes 4:12, ESV) We do not need a presidential invite to see the impossible. “If you say to this mountain move, it will move.” (Mark 11:23, ESV) I implore us, let us as a church start believing God is as big as He says He is and fight to be unified as family as He has made us.

About Kenny Sanborn:
Kenny Sanborn was the coordinator for this year’s Nicaragua missions trip and has led teams for Ten Days Missions, Kings Park International Church, and Every Nation NYC. His heart is to see the nations transformed by the power Jesus and people equipped to walk in the call of God on their lives.

About Missions.Me & 1Nation1Day:
Since 2004 Missions.Me has successfully hosted thousands of people on life-transforming missions experiences. The vision of 1Nation1Day is to unite the global church for the salvation and transformation of nations.On Saturday July 29th, 2017 the nation of Nicaragua gathered together as one – in 17 stadiums and fields in the heart of all 17 states. Collaborating with media outlets across the nation, millions heard the gospel message in Nicaragua.

This year we sent the following 13 missionaries to serve the 1Nation1Day outreach in León, Nicaragua: Canile Jackson, Kenny Sanborn, Alli Morrison, Kutama Ramano, Robert Rosario, Ruth Peña, Alan Santiago, Alamay Santiago, Grace Santiago, Abigail Santiago, Annalise Santiago, Jessica Cheung, and Lois Tsui.

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