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– Every Nation Church, New York | Wednesday, November 22, 2017

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Hurricane Harvey Update

Volunteers restoring homes in the Houston area

When Hurricane Harvey hit the Gulf Coast this past August, City Life Church, our Every Nation church in Houston, reached out for help. Below is an extensive report from the senior pastor there, Chris Pate, on the joint efforts of our Every Nation churches to restore the community, as well as what their next steps are:

When we first began relief efforts, we went really hard and fast for the first four weeks straight, mucking [removing walls, flooring, and possessions soiled by water damage] fifty homes as a church. We have had teams ranging from ten all the way to almost 100 sent out at one time to houses all over the Houston area. With upwards of 500,000 homes affected by flooding at some level, we have a long way to go as a city recovering from this catastrophic event. Since the first month, we have slowed down on purpose and are going into intense relief efforts one weekend a month—as opposed to [having fewer] volunteers every weekend, which was wearing us out honestly.

We have recently joined hands with SBP, a non-profit organization experienced with disaster relief, in order to increase our efforts, process, and scale for the long haul. Currently, our time, finances, and energy are going towards mucking, mold remediation, and rebuilding. The bulk of the finances we’ve received will be going to rebuilding the large numbers of homes we have been to thus far. More than 80% of homes did not have flood insurance, so the cost to rebuild Houston is in the billions.

We have been so blessed to have people from our Every Nation churches in Texas helping us coming from Austin, Midland, San Antonio, San Marcus, and Abilene. We even had some come from Oregon and New Mexico helping us recently. What an amazing church family we have all over the nation with a heart to serve during this time. We are so thankful for the giving of time, ability, and finances towards this disaster by our Every Nation family.

Thank you to all of our Every Nation NYC members who have given generously to the Natural Disaster Relief Fund. If you would like to make a donation to the continuing efforts, you may do so here.

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