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– Every Nation Church, New York | Friday, September 22, 2017

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Hurricane Harvey Relief Partnership

Hurricane Harvey Relief Partnership

Dear Every Nation NYC Family,

In the wake of the devastating storm that continues to impact Texas, many have had to evacuate, and the flooding has risen to historic levels.

While our church is based in NYC, our church family extends beyond the Greater New York City area. Just as this church was established by a team from King’s Park International Church, we have a sister church in Houston, Texas as well. Cross Culture Church was established in 1997 and led by Pastor Elliott and Olivia Warren. Currently, the Warren’s home is at high risk as it is located in the center of the flood area.

Warren Family at Cross Culture Church, Houston

Currently, their home is at high risk. A year ago he requested flood insurance but his insurance company told him they didn’t need help since they are in the 800 year flood zone. Unfortunately, the water levels are rising around the house now.

Here are the details from my call with him followed up by texts:

“They are going to be releasing the water behind two dams in order to prevent them from being extended beyond their capacity. When they do this, the water levels will rise dramatically and the flood level will hit the 800 year zone, and hundreds of homes will be flooded that are not even near the 100 year flood zone.

“Because of this, I am now in a mandatory evacuation area. I will need to leave today and should be able to return by Friday evening. We’ve stored our values at the highest point and are leaving.

“Please pray for protection. Obviously we have great concern for our church. Thanks for reaching out. It means a lot to us. Pastor Elliott”

As we continue to pray for families and communities hit by the storm, please join us as we pray for the Warren family and their congregation of great people. We have set up a a special fund for the family on our website and if you feel led to donate here and select “Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.” Surplus donations will be allocated to relief efforts in the Houston area.

God’s best to you,
Pastor Ron Lewis
Senior Minister, Every Nation NYC

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