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– Every Nation Church, New York | Monday, December 18, 2017

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Important Update From Our Pastors

Important Update From Our Pastors

Dear Every Nation NYC Family,

During this season of blessing and transitions, we have a detailed announcement as well as significant church updates for our wonderful church family. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

We’d like to invite you to a very special event on Sunday Night, April 23rd at our Evening Service in Union Square. God is moving in wonderful ways across our church family and we want to celebrate His great grace. Here are some of the things we’ll be celebrating together:

  • The Second Anniversary of the PM Site being at TBN Studios in Union Square. What a wonderful Site God has given us! With this celebration we’ll have special music with award winning artists, Juan and Lisa Winans, and Jim Laffoon.
  • Setting in the newest member of our Pastoral team, Nathan Lewis as the Lead Pastor of our Upper East Side Congregation and Co-Pastor of our PM Congregation. Pastor Nathan comes to us after establishing a strong EN church in Edinburgh, Scotland. Their story along with Pastor George and Tondra’s remarkable update will be shared as well.
  • Announcing the upcoming projected launch of our Hispanic Congregation, led by Joseph Ford. Joseph has served as the Discipleship Director of our PM Congregation the last 2 years. This congregation joins Ohr Yeshua, our Messianic Jewish Congregation as our second site serving different communities in NYC.
  • We will also recognize Ilze Gideons and Jeff Truong as part of our ministry team. Most of you know our Youth Ministry Leader, Ilze, and now Jeff Truong has been added to us serving in discipleship/pastoral care on the West Side and administration centrally.

Along with all of these wonderful additions, we will also be sending out Pastor George & Tondra Gregory, our great friends and faithful leaders here at Every Nation NYC (ENNYC). We are saddened to see them go, yet very grateful for their service and next steps.

For nearly ten years Pastor George, Tondra and their family have given their lives to plant a church on the East Side of Manhattan. They established many quality leaders and equipped them to lead the congregation in their absence. This past year was difficult, as George’s father battled ALS (a terminal progressive neurodegenerative disease) and had to be hospitalized for many months.

As a faithful son, George flew to North Carolina monthly to care for his father and stand with his family during their difficult season of watching their beloved patriarch fight for his life. Meanwhile, George led the East Side congregation, was our Executive Pastor and helped us begin the realignment strategy with the consulting firm, Market Cues, currently unfolding.

The Gregory’s leadership has been an extraordinary gift to ENNYC and for that we are sincerely grateful. Early this year, Pastor George and Tondra felt God was preparing them for a transition out of the City. They needed to move closer to George’s father for the next season and that was the plan. Unexpectedly a different path opened up.

Though George and Tondra committed to move toward their family in North Carolina, a door opened with the Los Angeles Chargers NFL team for their team chaplain position, which George was offered by their head Coach.

As many of us know, Tondra and George have a calling and passion to equip couples to have successful marriages and relationships. A number of years ago they established a new ministry called Journey for Life, which has resourced NFL footballs teams with marital support and enrichment seminars. This brought about an open door into the sphere of sports and entertainment, now leading them into the next chapter of their lives.

Pastor Ron and others diligently prayed with the Gregorys and believe this is the will of God for their lives. As Proverbs says, “Many are the plans of a man, but it is the decision of the Lord that endures.”

Their move to Los Angeles gives them the ability to spend extended time with George’s father and family in North Carolina during the NFL off-season. What a blessing for George and Tondra to both honor their father and be elevated to their next post simultaneously.

Although we will miss them greatly, Pastor George and Tondra will be with us through the next couple of months to oversee a smooth transition of the East Side Congregation to the leadership of Pastor Nathan. Under his capable leadership along with the support of the ENNYC Pastoral Team we are excited for the next season for our East Side Congregation. We trust God, his grace and sovereignty over these transitions. It’s our conviction that since God has clearly led this transition for all involved, it will be full of His grace.

As the Gregorys have served and blessed us we want to send them out with our love and a special offering. If you would like to be a part, visit our giving page and designate “Gregory Blessing” as a fund has been opened for them.

Please join us for this special event, Sunday Night, 7pm at TBN Studio, 111 E. 15th Street (just off Union Square). We’d love for you to share this celebration moment with us. If you have any questions feel free to contact any of our pastors by email or phone. As always, we are here to serve you.

Pastor Ron & Lynette, Pastors Adam, Bruce and George


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