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– Every Nation Church, New York | Monday, December 18, 2017

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Save the Date | Israel Experience 2018

Save the Date | Israel Experience 2018
Ron Lewis

Invitation from Pastor Ron and Lynette

About every 3 years or so, Lynette and I invite our beloved friends and family to join us on a trip of a lifetime to Israel. We hope YOU will be able to join us for this great adventure this coming January 21-28, 2018. If you’ve never been to the Holy Land, we’d be honored to have you and know you’ll not be disappointed!

Seeing and experiencing this one-of-a-kind nation, God’s special land, will have a powerful impact on your walk with Jesus. Seeing the places where the bible events occurred and where Jesus lived, ministered, died and was resurrected, will help you view the Bible in a whole new way. As Lynette often says, “It’s like going to your best friend’s home town, suddenly you ‘get them’ in a whole new way.’”
During each of these special six days, we look beyond the present day church buildings, shrines and cathedrals and connect these places with the biblical passages. You’ll see the reality of Scriptural insights from archeological discoveries, and sense in a new way the validity of the bible, the Gospel and God Himself.

In addition, we go beyond some of the typical tourist destinations and have time to interact with the people of the land… we meet with Jews, Arabs, Palestinians, and Christians. We take time to answer relevant questions about the historicity and debates of the land and people of Israel. Our dinner discussions with diplomats have been considered some of the highlights from our previous participants. We’ve met with political leaders, rabbis, persecuted Christians of Palestine, legal experts, Messianic Jewish pastors and Israeli war heroes, to name a few.

Our trips are truly a unique tour. Here’s some of what we do that makes it memorable:

  1. We utilize the best of their land
      a. We tour in a nice upgraded bus with WiFi.
      b. We stay in 5 star hotels, two of the best in the nation and one, the King David Hotel, is in a league of its own. It’s where the dignitaries from around the world stay.
  2. We work with the best of their land
      a. Our tour guide is considered one of the best in the nation. He’s a brilliant scholar, witty, fun, and knows “everyone” in the land. He’s also fluent in several languages including English, Arabic, Hebrew, German, and more.
      b. Our tours have key moments of interaction with Israeli leaders and as available, diplomats.
  3. We get the most out of it within 1 week
      a. Most of us have demanding jobs, so we don’t stay for 10 days to 2 weeks as many other tour groups do.
      b. Our tours are slightly faster paced however we eliminate unnecessary sites and tourist spots and make it a streamlined and well planned trip. We see most of the key places and reject the unnecessary more “touristy” spots.
  4. We make it as excellent as possible, while also reasonably priced
      a. Our tours are truly different. Although we are staying at world class hotels and utilize some of the best of the land, we do our very best to keep the prices down. The pricing at present is coming in at less than $3,000 per person (for double occupancy). This includes everything except your lunches. Having managed these trips for 15 years, we are quite pleased that our travel agency has done this well (Our last trip was more than $3,600 per person).
  5. Our tours will help you grow
      We focus on biblical knowledge, spiritual insights, history, archeology and also gain a more clear understanding on the present day situation in Israel and ancient Palestine. We will have several experts with us and no doubt it’ll be a remarkable time of growth and development. With Israel in the news almost daily, it’s important to form an opinion and conviction of your own, based on a personal investigation to the land. You’ll never be the same!
  6. Safety is not a concern
      All of our stops are in the most safe and guarded places in the nation. There are no issues that would make this any more dangerous than touring NYC, or most anywhere in the U.S.
  7. Our tours are limited to one bus load of 30-40 guests max. This maximizes our ability to keep it personal, make friends and for you to get personal attention and have time for questions and answers. Because of this limited tour size, it’s going to be imperative to sign up as soon as possible. You can read the details in the attached pdf and speak with our travel agent as soon as you are able. Eagles Wings’ Ministry Travel are available to assist you. It’s all part of the package for them to serve you by answering your questions regarding your travel needs, etc. Contact Lauren Yagoda at 215-825-3737.

    Our deepest hope is that the Lord will make a way for you to join us and that you’ll bring one of your best friends along with you. The last time we went an entire Connect Group from our NYC church went together and to this day they all talk about this trip being a highlight of their lives. We also took all four of our parents one year who said it was the BEST trip of their lifetimes.

    To receive updates about Pastor Ron and Lynette’s trip to Israel, sign up here.

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