Perhaps 2016 could be summarized as the year of “up”. Of this year’s many distinctions, this was the year: Cleveland’s Championship drought dried up; the Chicago Cubs 108-year curse let up, ‘Brangelina’ broke up, Samsung phones blew up, Google phones started up, and iPhones went up…in price!
This has been an “up” year of a different sort for our church. For Every Nation NYC, the words level-up or upgrade capture the essence of God’s overall story written among us. Some elements of our “up” are obvious while others have been so subtle you may not have noticed. In either case, both internally and externally this mark of “up” has touched our church. What’s amazing is, that God wrote you into this story. We are excited to be a part of His story with you! And in this annual report we want to catch you up to speed. As our eyes look up to Him in gratitude for what He’s done in 2016, we are filled with hope and expectation that we are nicely setup for more to come in 2017! Please be encouraged as you read through our summary of His story for Every Nation NYC 2016.