The call to leadership is on the life of every believer. Whether you have the courage of King David or are prone to timidity like Gideon, God calls every believer to take up the mantle of influence that comes with leadership. Those who lead connect groups at Every Nation NYC seek to build community, disciple and reach the lost. We’d like you to invite you to a special training Sunday, August 9th, from 1:30-3:00pm at 414 W. 51st.  This training will cover how to start/lead/grow a connect group as well as how to target your sphere of influence. We encourage you to bring your assistants, apprentices and co-leaders and discover WHY connect groups are so important to Every Nation NYC Church. Please click here to register and RSVP.

Connect groups are not just a group of friends hanging out. They are a gateway to lifelong accountability. In that circle of fellowship are co-laborers of Christ that are building their faith in and knowledge of God. They are the “irons sharpening irons” and the bridge between an encouraging Sunday message and the everyday trials of the week. Connect Groups are for you whether you have a far reaching list of friends at the church or are a first time visitor. Whether you’ve never been disappointed by people or struggle with trust, connect groups are for you. So make sure you attend the leaders training to learn how to manage a life-changing, high impact group.