I remember sitting in service when an announcement for Cleansing Stream went up and I immediately felt a nudge to sign up.

It was within the year that I had lost my father to cancer and I was going through one of those dragged out breakups with a guy that I thought I was in love with who was very obviously not good for me or good to me.

Cleansing Stream really helped to disentangle me from harmful patterns in my life and relationships. It revealed the lies that have seeped into the core of my thought and feeling processes, and changed how I interacted with the world. It’s one thing to study and know about God’s grace, His perfect love, and His goodness and power to heal — but Cleansing Stream takes it deeper, to an experience of inner healing that cannot be undone.

Before going through Cleansing Stream I was clinically diagnosed and receiving treatment for bipolar. This ministry was the beginning of complete healing and deliverance from this mental health/mood disorder. The course brought me to the feet of Jesus in every real way, and it paved the way for me to continue going to Jesus with all my mess and pain (from present or past, however big or small), to further freedom. I think everyone should allow themselves the benefit of doing Cleansing Stream.