Sin’s Serious, Redemption’s Beautiful
Sunday, September 22, 2019

Sin’s Serious, Redemption’s Beautiful

Passage: 2 Samual 11:1-5, 14
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Bible Text: 2 Samual 11:1-5, 14 | Preacher: Pastor Nathan Lewis | Series: Casket Empty | Enjoy this week’s message at Every Nation NYC by Nathan Ron Lewis. This weeks message comes from 1 Samuel 16.

 CASKET EMPTY: Your Path to Victory
Creation – Abraham – Sinai – Kings –  Exile – Temple
Expectation – Messiah – Pentecost  – Yet-to-come

This series is a one year walk through the whole story of the Bible. As we connect our life, identity, and calling into God’s unfolding story in the world, we will walk a victorious life full of meaning and purpose.

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