[divider] Update – November 24, 2013 [/divider]

This fund continues to remain open to receive donations.
If you have close family that have been affected by the storm and could use financial help, please let us know. Contact Mabel Lee at the office or by email [email protected]. Please give us a clear description of the need and YOUR contact info.

[divider] Update – November 17, 2013 [/divider]

Victory Tacloban Church Update


On Saturday, November 8th, typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines with widespread devastation. The death toll is estimated at 10,000 and rising, and hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions are without food, shelter, and water. The Every Nation NYC family is rallying together to send much needed relief to those in need.

Eugene Ramirez, Pastor of our Every Nation church in Tacloban, the largest city decimated by the storm, ministered here at Every Nation NYC several years ago. The Every Nation churches in the Philippines have immediately sprung into action and are already organizing relief teams and supplies. We are currently receiving online donations here. All funds will be distributed through our Every Nation relief effort on the ground in the Philippines.

Let’s all join together to help in this time of need.