In just a matter of weeks, Every Nation NYC will open the completely renovated “Center for Arts, Faith and Culture.” This wonderful space is located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan where arts and culture are shaped and shared with the world.

In this small theater, for the past 10 years, the dedicated team of Every Nation NYC has seen multiple hundreds of baptisms and more decisions for Christ.

Our new renovated space will facilitate the transformation of even more lives through youth evangelism, campus ministry, apologetics training, Bible classes and more. In addition, this new space will be an incubator for church-plants. We will start by launching the only evangelical Spanish-speaking church in Midtown in 2017. More churches will follow as New York is desperate for a move of God.

According to Tim Keller, prolific author and pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York City is the most important city in the world. He offers three well-researched reasons:

  1. Global Connectivity: NYC has extensive impact on the world, ranking #1 in global connectivity and influence. (Foreign Policy Journal)
  2. City Growth: A net growth of more than 1 million people has been occurring in NYC beginning 10 years ago and extending for 10 more. The church at large is not keeping up nearly fast enough to reach people with the gospel of God. In short, there’s a church-planting deficit in Manhattan city-center (125th Street to downtown.)
  3. Cultural Influence: We all know that brands launch from NYC, then they get into the bloodstream of America and the world. As we often say, “What’s happening in NYC today will be in Topeka, Kansas (or just about anywhere in the US) a few years later.

In light of this third point on cultural influence, it is people who influence culture, and if they live in darkness the culture remains dark, but if their hearts and minds get transformed through the Gospel, they bring light and the culture over time, changes.

So now, after years of making payments toward this Off-Broadway theater which we miraculously purchased with “a song and a prayer,” we entered into a seven-year battle for approvals to renovate the space. The renovation is making the space fully functional.

Remarkably, the remaining mortgage of $450,000 was paid off at the end of 2015. We are now finishing over a million dollars of renovations which will make this building fully functional, “smart,” up to code, beautiful and open to the public very soon!

It is our hope that through the arts, leadership training, church plants and a host of other events, this beautiful theatre will penetrate darkness with light, resulting in changed lives that change culture.

We are nearly at the finish line. With only $250,000 to go, we are believing God for every dollar to complete this project by the end of December and completely pay every final bill in order to remain debt free. Your prayers, faith, and generosity toward this end will be measured in transformed lives and influence, all for the Glory of God!

[divider]4 Ways To Give[/divider]

1. By Check or Cash Mail to: 414 W. 51st Street New York, NY 10019 Put “Building Fund” in the memo field

3. Via Automatic Monthly Contribution complete the pledge card online
4. Donate Stocks and Non-Cash Assets Please email [email protected]