If you are 13-19 years old, Urban Saints has a place for you. We are a diverse community here to empower you to be a disciple of Christ and to make a difference in your city, school, and family. You can get involved and find your people in a variety of groups and clubs throughout the week. And each year is full of opportunities to join one of our camps.

Pick a group, get involved, and be an Urban Saint.

What’s On

Campaigners group: Bible study
Wednesday 4pm-5pm
Harlem: Sugar Hill Cafe
Contact: info@urbansaintsnyc.org


Outreach Group
Wednesday 3.30pm-5pm
Midtown West: 414 w 51st St.
Contact: ilze.gideons@ennyc.org


Urban Saints & Young Life Club
Friday 3:45pm-6:30pm
Midtown West: 414 w 51st St.
Contact: info@urbansaintsnyc.org

Sunday AM Services

After the announcements join our youth meeting every Sunday.

Next Camp

August 9-18, 2018

To sign up early or find out more email info@urbansaintsnyc.org

Thinking of coming to any of our groups this week?
RSVP and we will be in touch to help you out and give you more details.

Our Youth Pastor

Ilze Gideons

Ilze Gideons

Youth Pastor

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